STADLER America, LLC is a joint venture between STADLER Anlagenbau GmbH in Altshausen, Germany and Zimmer America Recycling Solutions (a division of ZARS-USA, LLC) located in Spartanburg, SC. STADLER America, LLC is the exclusive sales and distribution center for STADLER Anlagenbau GmbH, and performs installation, fast spare part delivery, and after sales service for all North American customers.


STADLER is one of the leading manufacturers of material recycling facilities in Europe and in the world, designing, manufacturing and installing recycling systems for all kinds of waste, including single stream, co-mingled, C&I, and MSW systems. STADLER's renowned high quality engineering is guaranteed by using in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, which gives 100% control over machine quality.


At STADLER, innovation is the driving force for success and we believe that any recycling plant can only work as well as its individual components allow it to. It is for this reason that Stadler continually endeavors to develop more versatile units in which each individual task can be carried out more efficiently. This applies to all production steps - from the selection of high-quality materials and precise machining of metals to the correct assembly of individual functional units.  Please visit the STADLER website here for more information about our machinery and services. 

 Stadler plans and produces tailor-made plant concepts for you:

  • Bottle-to-bottle PET recycling plants

  • Complete plastic recycling solutions

  • Industrial waste and refuse derived fuel processing
  • Sorting of lightweight packaging materials and polymers

  • Sorting for co-mingled material, household waste, paper, cardboard

  • Ballistic Separation 

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