Recycling Technology Partners



Pellenc Selective Technologies is a pioneering company in the automatic sorting of household and industrial waste - plastic, paper, cardboard, electronic waste, and construction and demolition waste. These materials are sorted using a variety of technologies: spectrometric analysis, artificial vision and multi-spectral image analysis, and new technologies are shortly forthcoming. Pellenc Selective Technologies machines offer effective processing and high productivity levels, and are now found all around the world.

Sesotec Separation and Sorting Technology 

Sesotec is one of the world's leading manufacturers and developers of inspection, separation and sorting systems. For the PET Recycling industry Sesotec covers the complete range of contaminant separation and material flow sorting systems. Sesotec systems feature a modular design, which means that for every application, the optimal components can be combined into a single system. Sesotec products include, among others, Color Sorting Systems, Metal Separation Systems and Contamination Separation Systems.

Eagle Vizion 

Eagle Vizion was founded in 2006 with the vision of making optical sorting available to all the sectors of the waste and post consumer industry. Eagle Vizion manufactures machines that are custom fitted to sort customer's products from plastics, to metals, and woods. 

NRT Optical Sorting 

NRT Optical Sorting is a leader in designing, manufacturing, and installing optical sorting technology. They apply their technology in automated industrial inspection systems, materials handling and process control, particularly in processing material for recycling.

MSS Optical Sorters

MSS Optical Sorters has been a world leader in automated sorting systems for plastics, paper, glass, metals, wood, and electronic scrap for over 40 years. MSS advanced optical sorting systems are industry proven to achieve the most efficient separation of recyclables available.

Eurotech Process Systems Inc. 

Eurotech delivers premium processing systems across industries.They focus on sourcing European technologies for North American markets. They are partnered with IFE Bulk in the Canadian market by focusing on metal recycling.


Sicon concentrates in the metal separation business by building reliable and efficient systems for the recycling industry. Sicon's strategy emphasizes in developing processes that allow complete resource recovery from scrap. They are partnered with IFE Bulk focusing on metal recycling.

Bühler Sortex

Bühler manufactures and assembles a full range of optical sorting equipment for plastics by colour and shape with superior precision, performance and efficiency. With over half a century of optical sorting design and manufacturing experience, each optical sorter in the Bühler portfolio demonstrates a total commitment to innovation, intelligent design, comprehensive testing, advanced components and superior manufacturing.


In the year of 1962, when rheology was an unknown quantity, Goettfert delivered its first Melt Indexers and Capillary Rheometers. Today Goettfert is one of the leading manufacturers of rheological testing equipment for thermoplastic, thermosetting plastics and rubber. With its philosophy of in-house production, Goettfert consciously accepts responsibility even many years after the delivery of equipment guaranteeing service and spare parts for its customers.

A.B.S. Silos

A.B.S. Silo- und Förderanlagen GmbH is an international manufacturer of flexible silos, containers, bins, and discharging aids. The Germany based company offers its customers complete plant construction. Diversified solutions are used for storing, conveying, dosing and discharging bulk goods in many industrial fields of application. These include, among others the sectors plastics and recycling

Apexical, Inc.

Apexical is a leading manufacturer of flame retardants, water & oil repellents, soil & stain release chemicals, UV absorbers, moisture management finishes, and coatings. Apexical specializes in user friendly chemicals and chemical application technologies that are used to add safety, comfort, protection or performance enhancement to a variety of materials including plastics.

Göckel America

Göckel was established in 1984 to provide the machine-knife and production grinding industries high valued solutions with innovative engineering and reliable support to all Göckel users in the North American market. Since 1883 our factory in Darmstadt Germany has a tradition in mechanical engineering and has specialized in precision grinding machines for decades.