FIMIC is an Italian Company, manufacturing Guillotines and automatic / self-cleaning Screen Changers, for the plastics recycling industry. The manufacturing of each single component is done 100% in Italy, allowing the production of fully customized machines. 

FIMIC specializes in unique screen changers, which is why it was created 3 version that are available depending on material, output requirements, and contamination levels. 

The screen changers are:

  • RAS+REF which is an automatic, self cleaning utilized in scraping and backflush.
  • ERA - Filters twice with a single melt filter
  • NET - Filters continuously, avoids material accumulation and reduces throughput. 

FIMIC also provides guillotines for different needs in terms of cutting power such as: 

  • ECO Series - perfect for paper with a cutting power from 20 to 50 tons.
  • C Series - The stronger FIMIC guillotines with power over 60 tons.

Please visit the FIMIC website here for more information.

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