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For more than 40 years Diamat Maschinenbau GmbH had been building machines, equipment, and tools for the manufacturing of film sheet and recycling. Diamat's main division lies in flat film extrusion where they have a long and reputable history of experience.  All units are always conceived, designed and accomplished to the latest state of the art. In this process all lines are assembled exclusively on site at Diamat, under the highest quality requirements. 



Film and Sheet Extrusion Lines

"Produce Film and Sheet in High-End Quality, because experience makes the difference"
Whether transparency, firmness, strain impact strength, optical brilliance, co-extrusion, coating, la
minating, in reels ready-made ware, food or non-food cups, trays, inlays, container, for thermoforming or winded, calendared or in cast-film, filled or foamed.With diamat you are always going to find the right solution to produce the desired sheet.




During the last years diamat has developed particular solutions for the increasing problem of plastic rubbish. Besides inventions for the recycling industry diamat in the meantime has grown to a world technical market leader in the area of A-PET plant engineering for the production of highly clear foils from 100 % of bottle rework. These sheets usually are being implemented in the food packaging.



"Meet highest performance at lowest costs", with Diamat Extrusion Lines.

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